Parking Aiport Hamburg

Parking Aiport Hamburg

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Parking Lot in Luebeck city center is difficult to find
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Parking Lot Luebeck - free Car park city center

Parking Lot Luebeck

Parking in the city center of Luebeck is limited to 4 parking lot in garages which are very popular at peak times. A car park downtown is on the horse market, one is the Parkhaus-Mitte, another under the Haeder Center and the last is called Parkhaus St Marien. Luebeck has attractions: the Holstentor and the old city center and also to the Luebeck Christmas market, many people crowd downtown of Luebeck to park their cars and not to walk so far. It sometimes happens, that a parking lot is full and you have to look where you can park the car in Luebeck best.

One alternative would be the car park "Am Holstentor", but there you have to walk a few meters to reach the pedestrian zone of Luebeck and the canals around the city center. Parking at the MuK Halle is also connected with plenty of footpath. But who wants to enjoy Luebeck in the summer or in winter, will take some things when it comes to parking Luebeck.

A train journey from Hamburg to Luebeck and back sometimes costs just under 30 euros. At these prices, many consider whether they would rather drive by car to park in Luebeck.

From Luebeck to Hamburg on vacation

If you are traveling on holiday and want to travel from Luebeck to Hamburg Airport, you can take the Regional Express. It goes directly to the main station and from there by S-Bahn to Hamburg-Airport.

Basically, this is a great option - but if you are honest, you get at Luebeck train station no free parking. In addition, during the week at peak times due to commuters, the train is very busy. They haul themselves from station to station and the terminal with their 23 kilos of luggage plus hand luggage and are in the midst of the numerous commuters who rush to work. Also, it is likely that they have to get to the airport early or land late in Hamburg. And then drive a train?

Therefore, we see the journey from Luebeck to Hamburg Airport with the Regional Express as no alternative. Would not a cheaper parking lot near Hamburg Airport or valet parking service from Terminal 2 be much better? So the holiday can begin and end relaxed. From the airport Hamburg your own car without crowds of people in the train or the question of whether so late still a train to Luebeck. In addition, the cost per ride per person already well be over 20 euros and one parking space per week will cost only 23 euros. So if that is not attractive and represents an alternative!

Valet Parking - exclusive Service

Would you like a premium service where you can start your holiday even more relaxed? The so-called "valet parking" offers the VIP service, where you simply give your car at the airport in trusting hands and do not have to worry about where to park. At Parking Hamburg Airport, valet parking is a cheap alternative to the expensive parking spaces at Hamburg Airport.

The facts of this service are obvious:

Convince yourself of our service and make use of it feel like a VIP!