Parking Aiport Hamburg

Parking Aiport Hamburg

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Parking at the roadside around Hamburg Airport
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Demolished cars at Hamburg Airport

Demolished cars on the roadside

Around the Hamburg airport were damaged in early July 2019 about 219 vehicles. The property damage is high, because of unknown perpetrators, the tires were pierced (sometimes even all 4 on a car) or caused deep scratches on the paint around the entire vehicle. According to the police investigation, the demolished cars were mainly vehicles with foreign registration or even foreign registration (eg Denmark).

It is known that the districts around Hamburg Airport are often used to park during the holiday season. The parking at Hamburg airport are expensive and so the free options mercilessly exhausted. The affected districts of the free holiday parkers are around the airport Hamburg - including Groß-Borstel, Langenhorn and even to the very Poppenbüttel and Hummelsbüttel.

Unfortunately for the residents, because especially in the summer months during the holiday season, you no longer know where to leave your car after work.

Competition among parking providers?

Police investigations are now going in several directions. In addition to angry residents, the parking lot providers have come into focus. Especially the providers for valet parking are under suspicion. It is known in Hamburg that the parking lot providers have been fiercely competitive for years and the bandages are getting tougher.

Also the question in the room, how the providers carry out your service? Because according to increasingly loud voices on the Internet, the vehicles of the customers are not placed on a secure parking, but parked by the providers themselves on the roadside. Some of the companies do not even have their own car park to store the customer vehicles and they cheat the ignorant vehicle owners unabashedly.

Therefore, it is always advisable to find out more about the providers and not just blind pressed his car key in the hand and fly on vacation. Reasonable service should also provide adequate service.

Interview with Hanseatic Parkservice

A report from NDR reported on this case. There, some affected vehicle owners were interviewed and also Hanseatic Parkservice was able to present his assessment of the assumption that car park operators could be behind the demolished cars, in front of the camera.

According to the managing director of HAP, the operators are not to blame for the destruction, because the market is saturated and rising prices because of too high demand would contradict that. However, he well imagined that such a competition would be fought in the off-season.

So the investigations go in different directions. Even a mentally ill resident, who was annoyed by the foreign Parkern, would still be in question. But would he move through numerous neighborhoods around Hamburg Airport to damage a total of 219 cars?