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Parking Aiport Hamburg

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Underground parking space in Hamburg Eppendorf
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Parking Hamburg Blankenese - No long-term car park for free

Parking Hamburg Eppendorf

Parking in Hamburg Eppendorf is also very tense, as in the other districts of the city center. Especially in this old part of Hamburg with the narrow cobblestone streets and limited parking bays you often look for desperately free parking spaces. The drive around the blocks is also a popular sport with the hope to finally be lucky after each round. If luck fails, you have to walk to the apartment a few minutes from the found parking lot at worst.

In the meantime, the city of Hamburg levied charges of € 150 for parking wrongly in the North district. Meanwhile, this has been repealed by the Higher Administrative Court and it will be distributed only Knöllchen in a known amount. However, sometimes the residents or visitors are not around the wrong parking around. Said places are rare and the lure in parking places where it is not allowed, then sometimes irritates.

For this reason, it is advisable to rent an underground parking space - Parking Hamburg Eppendorf

Rent underground car park

From the news is known that the rents for apartments in Hamburg have risen massively and also the rental price brake has not really accessed. This also applies to the rent of an underground parking space in the city of Hamburg.

In the district Eppendorf living is generally not cheap and an apartment there rank themselves in the higher price categories. Rent a non-residential underground parking space in Eppendorf costs according to ads on the Internet in April 2019 already up to 130 euros a month. That adds up to over 3,200 euros for one year and is already a noteworthy factor in the annual budget for living in Eppendorf.

So then the question is whether the wrong parking calculated on the year, not perhaps cheaper than a rented parking space in the garage. But as in all other cases, the demand determines the supply and this results in the price for the underground parking space rent in Hamburg Eppendorf. Those who can afford it will also treat themselves to this luxury.