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Parking Aiport Hamburg

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Parking for free in Lueneburg city center impossible
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Lueneburg parking - downtown car park for free - costs

Lueneburg Parking - City Center

Parking in the city center of Lüneburg is limited as well as in all other beautiful and preserved cities of northern Germany and also expensive. Some of the parking spaces are very narrow, so that enough can fit into it. The Q-Park City car park is the best example of lack of space and one should consider driving in there with the SUV. Also, the Karstadt parking garage is devalued in the reviews with narrow and expensive.

Anyone who tries to keep in parking bays not far from the city center will regularly be punished with nodules on working days from 8 am to 6 pm in the event of non-compliance with the maximum 2 hour / 1 hour parking time with parking disc. If you want to park a little cheaper, you have to take a few minutes walk to get to the old town of Lüneburg.

At festivities in Lüneburg the parking situation becomes considerably more difficult and confusing. Since you have to go early in order not to spend hours looking for a parking lot in Lüneburg.

A train journey from Hamburg to Lüneburg and back costs about 30 euros per person. At these prices, many are considering whether they would rather drive by car - Lüneburg Parken

From Lueneburg to Hamburg on vacation

If you travel on vacation and want to travel from Lüneburg to Hamburg Airport, you can travel by train. You drive over the main station with the regional train and continue with the S-Bahn to the airport.

Basically, that's a great thing - but if you're honest, you get at Lüneburg station no free parking for long-term parkers. In addition, during the week at peak times due to commuters, the train is very busy. They haul themselves from station to station and the terminal with their 23 kilos of luggage plus hand luggage and are in the midst of the numerous commuters who rush to work. Also, it is likely that they have to get to the airport early or land late in Hamburg. And then drive a train?

Therefore, we see the journey from Lübeck to Hamburg Airport with the Regional Express as no alternative. Would not a cheaper parking lot near Hamburg Airport or valet parking service from Terminal 2 be much better? So the holiday can begin and end relaxed. From the airport Hamburg your own car without crowds of people in the train or the question of whether so late nor a train to Lüneburg. With several people, this is not worth it anymore!

Parking Services for Lueneburg

It's a fact: anyone who wants to travel from Lüneburg to Hamburg to go on vacation from there can only travel by car. Accordingly, you have to park somewhere near the airport. Here we come into play and offer an alternative to the regional train.

"VIP parking" at the Alsterkrugchaussee. The journey time directly to Hamburg Airport is about 3 minutes.

"Parking" Julius-Vosseler-Straße the travel time directly to the airport Hamburg is about 12 minutes.

  1. Cheap parking at the airport Hamburg - already from 23,00 € - cheaper parking possibilities can not be found in Hamburg
  2. Our park area is camera-monitored around the clock
  3. lighted, paved fenced and connected to a security company, so you get the best possible protection of your vehicle
  4. Our service staff is available to you 22 hours: from 3:00 h to 1:00 h in the morning. The 2-hour break is due to the opening hours of the airport operations
  5. Simply and securely book with SSL encryption to enjoy our high quality service

For further questions we are of course happy to be at any time under. Do not wait for cheaper offers, but plan us on your vacation! Lueneburg Parking Service