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Terminal 2 hall of Airport Hamburg - Helmut Schmidt
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Airport Hamburg - Helmut Schmidt - Information

Airport Hamburg

The Hamburg Airport, self-named Hamburg Airport, since 2016 also Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt, is the international airport of the city of Hamburg. A small part of the airport is located on Norderstedter area. It is the oldest and fifth largest airport in Germany. Around 17.62 million passengers used Hamburg Airport in 2017. That is a growth of 8.6 percent compared to the previous year. The airport is a hub of Eurowings, the British Easyjet and the Irish Ryanair.

In honor of the deceased former chancellor and honorary citizen of Hamburg, the name of the airport was added to the name supplement "Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt" on 10 November 2016. Schmidt died on 10 November 2015 at the age of 96 years. Formerly the airport was called "Flughafen Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel".

Location and Transport

The facility operated by Hamburg Airport GmbH is located approximately eight kilometers north of the city center of Hamburg and eight kilometers south of the city center Norderstedts in Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel, between the city centers of Niendorf in the southwest and Fuhlsbüttel in the east, with a small part of the airport grounds to Norderstedt district Garstedt belongs.

From the center of Hamburg, the airport can be reached within the HVV with the S-Bahn line S1. The S1 line connects it every ten minutes with, among other things, the main train station. At night, the airport is connected on weekdays by the night bus line 606 to the city center of Hamburg or on weekends by the bus line 274 to the then running in continuous night mode rapid transit lines U1 and S1 at Ohlsdorf station. The bus company "Autokraft" operates from the airport Hamburg a bus service to Kiel ("Kielius").

Hamburg Airport is easy to reach for motorists via the A 7 and the upgraded Ring 3 (B 433).

Helmut Schmidt

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is the newer part of the two terminal buildings. It was inaugurated in 2005. The hall floor area is 6300 m². Of architectural importance is u. a. a rainwater harvesting system, which supplies the sanitary facilities, and a so-called ThermoLabyrinth, which relieves the air conditioning system by using geothermal heat.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 was put into operation in 1993. The hall floor area is 5850 m². Architecturally, first of all the arched roof shape stands out. It is modeled on a wing of a starting aircraft. After the completion of Terminal 1, significant new features were retrofitted, bringing both terminals up to the same technical standard. The entire baggage handling system in Terminal 2 was relocated to the basement while the airport was in operation. In addition, the check-in counters were brought up to the latest technical standards. Here above all the Lufthansa and Star Alliance flights are handled.

Airport Plaza

The AirportPlaza is the newest of the three terminal buildings. It opened in December 2008 and forms a transition between the two, lying between the two terminals. The central security check since 2009 is housed in the Plaza. Behind it are numerous shops and dining facilities for the passengers. In addition, the baggage handling systems of the two terminals in the basement are brought together here. Here is also the last stop "Hamburg Airport" of the airport S-Bahn Hamburg.