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General Terms and Conditions of Hanseatic Parkservice

Note on the conciliation platform of the European Commission:

We participate in a dispute settlement procedure before the Consumer Arbitration Body. The responsible consumer arbitration board is:

I. Coverage

For the use of our parking booking system of HPS Hanseatic Parkservice UG and other services offered by us, the following terms and conditions apply. The language of the contract is German and the current version of the general terms and conditions becomes part of the contract at the time the contract is concluded. Insofar as regulations have not been recorded by us, the statutory provisions apply. Regulations that deviate from our terms and conditions or oppose these are not recognized by us. Our terms and conditions contain customer information according to the information regulation of the Civil Code.

II. Conclusion of contract

  1. By booking through our booking system, you will be asked to make a binding rental agreement.
  2. Furthermore, there is also an oral / telephone request for a parking space stating the desired rental period, agreement on the exact rent and the confirmation We can not change your billing address.
  3. Hanseatic Parkservice will send you a booking confirmation listing all the details of your booking. Through this confirmation, a binding contract is concluded.
  4. By concluding the contract, you will receive the right to park your vehicle for the booked period on our park grounds and to make use of it when booking the transfer line.
  5. he transfer or sale of the parking ticket purchased from us to third parties is prohibited.
  6. There is no entitlement to the assignment of a desired parking space, unless otherwise stipulated by contract.
  7. By booking at HPS Hanseatic Parkservice UG you acquire the right to a parking space on our paved, fenced and camera-monitored parking area.
  8. The customer must indicate the exact departure and arrival times when making the booking become part of the contract.
  9. A change of the departure and / or arrival times has to be made by the customer timely at least 4 hours before considering our opening time and remains free of charge if these are adhered to. Subsequent notification of your modified flight times may result in delays or extra charges.
  10. The right to timely pick-up of the customer at the airport by our driver is only a timely call from our driver (as contractually agreed)
  11. When exceeding the rental period, the customer will be charged at the time of current tariff conditions for the additional rental period.
  12. The §545 is expressly excluded by us.
  13. By the non-removal of the motor vehicle by the customer after the expiry of the rental period, no extension of the rental period for an indefinite period automatically occurs.
  14. HPS Hanseatic Parkservice UG is entitled after the end of the rental period to remove or remove the vehicle at the expense of the customer. In addition, compensation for the additional rental period is charged taking into account the current rental conditions.
  15. The transfer of the vehicle at Hamburg Airport to HPS Hanseatic Parkservice UG will take place exclusively at the agreed time on the airport's VIP parking lot Hanseatic Parkservice UG inspects the vehicle on acceptance and, together with the customer, draws up a damage report, which is signed by both parties. This contains the degree of contamination, the visible damage and other special features of the motor vehicle. To document the condition and any damage to the motor vehicle, these are photographically recorded. The documentation does not guarantee completeness. This applies in particular if a visual inspection during the transfer was not or only partially possible. (e.g., heavy rainfall, darkness, or high levels of vehicle fouling). In this case, a claim for damages is excluded.
  16. For bookings of the parking service with key delivery, HPS Hanseatic Parkservice UG is entitled to place the customer's motor vehicle on the parking area differently.

IV. Lien and removal of the motor vehicle

HPS Hanseatic Parkservice UG is entitled to a legal lien on the adjusted motor vehicle including accessories in case of non-payment of the rent. In the event of unauthorized parking of a motor vehicle on our premises, HPS Hanseatic Parkservice UG is entitled to tow this at the holder's expense. When booking the parking option with key delivery, the driver is obligated to hand in the correct and functional key as well as to inform the service personnel in advance in case of special operation or special features of the vehicle. If disregarded, the vehicle can be removed at the expense of the owner.

V Cancellations and changes

By booking via our booking system, you will be asked to make a binding request for the conclusion of a parking space rental agreement.
A cancellation of the booked service is possible up to 48 hours before arrival in writing by e-mail to: stating your booking number. For the administration we charge a service fee of 10 Euro.
A rebooking to another travel date is possible 48 hours before the rental period in writing by e-mail: stating your booking number free of charge.
A rebooking to another travel date is possible 48 hours before the rental period in writing by e-mail: stating your booking number free of charge.

VI Liability

HPS Hanseatic Parkservice UG is liable within the scope of its liability insurance for damage caused by its staff or its vicarious agents. Likewise for damage, which due to technical plants on our part liability is taken over. All other liability claims are excluded. In particular for cargoes that have been stored by the customer in the vehicle. The liability of bicycles or other contents of roof racks is also excluded. Damages caused by other tenants or third parties are also not covered by insurance. 2. For any claims for damages of the renter, these are to be reported to us immediately and before leaving the premises by the renter.

VIII Privacy Policy

HPS Hanseatic Parkservice UG stores and uses the data of its customers only for the settlement of the contract. A transfer of the data for other reasons does not take place. The regulations of the data protection law are observed. After conclusion of the contract, the customer has the right to request the deletion of his data in writing.

Salvatorian clause

Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective after the conclusion of the contract, the validity of the remainder of the rest remains unaffected. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by an effective and enforceable provision whose effect comes as close as possible to the economic objective pursued by the contracting parties with the ineffective or unenforceable provision.

The place of jurisdiction is Hamburg.

This agreement also applies to customers who have no general jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany.