Parking Aiport Hamburg

Parking Aiport Hamburg

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View on Hamburg Blankenese - no car park for free
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Parking Hamburg Blankenese - No long-term car park for free

Parking Hamburg Blankenese

The parking lot chaos in the middle of Hamburg Blankenese at the station was arranged. For shopping, the residents and visitors are now asked to pay and have to pay for a parking space in Blankenese. Parking for long-term parkers has been stopped and is now chargeable. Also a so-called "roll key" for short parking charge was also not introduced. Thus, parking for one hour costs 1.20 euros (2017).

To the annoyance of the residents and the shopkeeper, the measure was taken to introduce parking in Blankenese for a fee. For this reason, now parking spaces are free and long-term parkers no longer block the center of Blankenese. Commuters from Blankenese, who want to take the S-Bahn to the city center, now have to look elsewhere for a parking lot.

This is also a disadvantage for tourists who want to use the public transport to Hamburg Airport to protect the environment. Where should you leave the car at the railway station Blankenese? Or should you walk to the station?

Long-term Parking in Blankenese

The long-term parking in Hamburg Blankenese is an expensive pleasure, considering that a commuter should now park in a parking garage for 84 euros per month. Also, parking for vacationers who do not want to drive to the airport must expand their holiday fund to this post. At Blankenese station you will no longer be able to park your vehicle for a long time and park at Blankenese train station.

Hanseatic Parkservice comes into play when it comes to parking your car cheaply when you go on vacation by plane. We offer many parking services and can provide you a relaxed start of the journey and return. We do not want Blankeneseer to have to worry about a parking lot or possibly even have to carry their luggage through half of Hamburg.

Book either the "self-parking" on our place on the Alsterkrugchaussee or treat yourself to an uncomplicated journey directly to Terminal 2 and use our "valet parking" service with many special services to this package. Find out more and contact us - Parken Hamburg Blankenese