Parking Aiport Hamburg

Parking Aiport Hamburg

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Bus stop in Trittau to get to Hamburg Airport
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From Trittau to Hamburg Airport - only by car

From Trittau to Hamburg Airport

If you know Trittau, you know that public transport is sparsely available and you only drive once an hour - and certainly not early or late! The journey from Trittau to Hamburg Airport by bus also takes a long time and is also very exhausting with luggage. Many stations, often changing and in certain seasons also still cold and uncomfortable.

This results in the compulsion to drive to Hamburg Airport by car. Trittau is no alternative when it comes to fly by plane on vacation. If you are in this situation, the question arises, where do you park the car and how do you find a cheap parking space? Parking directly at Hamburg Airport costs a lot of money and additionally burden the holiday fund. Somewhere on the road turn off the car and the rest of the way to deal otherwise is also pointless, if you have already driven from Trittau to Hamburg airport.

That's why we offer an alternative to parking at Hamburg Airport and offer parking for your vehicle near Hamburg Airport. Uncomplicated valet parking and stress-free travel from Trittau and park at Hamburg Airport. Do not take the bus from Trittau, we do not want to do that to you.

Take advantage of our various offers and benefit as a regular customer with additional benefits! You have no choice - either bus or with your own vehicle to us!

Only by car from Trittau to Hamburg

It's a fact: anyone who wants to travel from Trittau to Hamburg can only travel by car. Accordingly, you have to park somewhere in Hamburg. Here we come into play and offer an alternative to the bus.

"VIP parking" at the Alsterkrugchaussee. The journey time directly to Hamburg Airport is about 3 minutes.

"Parking" Julius-Vosseler-Straße the travel time directly to the airport Hamburg is about 12 minutes.

  1. Cheap parking at the airport Hamburg - already from 23,00 € - cheaper parking possibilities can not be found in Hamburg
  2. Our park area is camera-monitored around the clock
  3. lighted, paved fenced and connected to a security company, so you get the best possible protection of your vehicle
  4. Our service staff is available to you 22 hours: from 3:00 h to 1:00 h in the morning. The 2-hour break is due to the opening hours of the airport operations
  5. Simply and securely book with SSL encryption to enjoy our high quality service

For further questions we are of course happy to be at any time under. Do not wait for cheaper offers, put us on your vacation plan!