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Parking on Landungsbrücken is expensive
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Parking on St-Pauli is expensive - parking not for free

Parking on St-Pauli

Parking on St-Pauli is expensive - if you want to drive to the city center and park at the jetties, you have to pay a lot of money. Especially since the parking at the harbor have become scarce and that is reflected in the prices noticeable. Like everything in the economy - supply and demand - determine the price. And if the supply of parking is small, but the demand is high, then the providers can charge a lot of money for each parking lot.

The situation is no different on the neighborhood. From Thursday to Sunday, many people are romping there and want to celebrate. Of course, alcohol and driving do not go well together, but there are still enough people to park their vehicle on St Pauli. Anyone hoping to get hold of a free parking space will usually have to resort to the wrong parking option.

A visit early in the morning at the Hamburg fish market is also nice. But there are also counted the parking - parking at the fish market is often difficult.

Finally, it is clear: Who wants to celebrate on St-Pauli or wants to drive in the vicinity, that should always think twice. The connection by public transport is good and everything is within walking distance from various stations. If you still want to drive, you should set up parking for up to 4 euros per hour.

Parking for free on St-Pauli is rare

An article from the Hamburger Abendblatt shows that parking in and around St-Pauli is normal. In this case, established parking machines are carefully ignored and they are unpunished for days free. This leads to the annoyance of the residents, who could use the available parking spaces themselves well. There are voices that say that Hamburg does not do enough to counter parking.

It is reported that the penalties are apparently not high enough and the tactics of deterrence does not work. So there are motorists who consciously per year take up to 280 euros for parking wrong on St. Pauli and that these nodules added together are cheaper than "regular holding surfaces" in the neighborhood. The paid parking in this part of the city was said to be a rip-off and the city would "take money from innocent drivers".

Of course, the city firmly believes in the effects of their controls, and it works well in the city center too. Hamburg is planning to send more than 2 to 6 officers on the streets from Monday to Saturday to check on fake parkers. But there is a lack of capacity to work now.

Article from the Hamburger Abendblatt from 26.09.2018