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Parking lot for free in Hamburg Altona
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Parking Hamburg Altona - find parking lot for free

Parking Hamburg Altona

The parking situation in Hamburg Altona is getting more and more difficult and who is not a resident, who need hardly hope to find a parking lot for free. Only with a special pass from the city can you park anywhere in Altona for free. If you do not have it you will have to pay high rates for the hourly parking. The parking situation is confusing, because more and more cars want to park on the little available parking lots for free.

This is a thing of impossibility and considering that every household needs about 2 cars, you can figure out how and where to park all. The hour-long searching and driving around the block becomes a popular sport and the hope that one has luck becomes less with each additional round. Even with a pass, there is no guaranteed parking space, because everyone with a vehicle in Hamburg Altona will own one and park in their street as well. Do you dare to leave your car park to go somewhere? Or do you prefer to keep the hard-won parking lot?

Parking lot for free in Altona

Altona will probably never be with parking lots as free as on the above picture. It is full, every square centimeter is used and parking damage is unavoidable. In the worst case one is parked and does not come out of his parking space in the morning.

That's why most people in Hamburg Altona will use public transport - but very few people want to do without the car. The car is at best in the garage, which must be paid in addition to the sporting rents. Those who do not own a car but own a parking space in the underground car park to the apartment, will rent this for at least 60 euros per month or more.

So finding a free car park in Altona is impossible. As beautiful as life in Altona may be, with car the disadvantages come to light and bring with it a flaw.

If you are looking for a parking lot for free in Altona, you should inform us or keep the secret well!

Parking lot during the holidays

For parking at Hamburg Airport use our premium service for customers from Hamburg Altona.

Valet parking as a service is now standard on the airports and many passengers would be annoyed if they had to take care of a parking space for their car while on holiday or on business. That is why this service is being offered more and more frequently at Hamburg Airport. Judging by a parking space at the airport, this is not exactly cheap - if you take a parking space directly at the airport for a 3-week vacation trip, immense parking costs come together quickly.

Feel like a VIP and enjoy all the amenities of our special offer! Give your vehicle directly at the airport to one of our service partners. This transfers your vehicle to our safely guarded park area. Right on time for your return, your vehicle will then be available to you for your onward journey at the airport. When booking (by phone or online), please indicate "Valet Parking".

Direct call: 0176/32 24 83 69

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