Parking Aiport Hamburg

Parking Aiport Hamburg

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Broken up cars in the roads of Norderstedt
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Broken up vehicles and theft in Norderstedt

Report on broken vehicles in Norderstedt

Numerous broken-up vehicles in Norderstedt. Unsecure parking on the roadside. Alternatively, park near Hamburg Airport.

It is unsafe to permanently park his vehicle on the roadsides. If you go on vacation and park your car near the airport of Hamburg, it is unguarded and freely accessible to everyone. The likelihood that you are getting on your car is increasing every day. The thieves monitor the situation over a period of time and seize the opportunity that is available. Worse, if they use a sparsely lit side street in Norderstedt to save their parking fees.

Even if no valuables have been left in the vehicle, it is always lucrative to steal this vehicle. The breakup is in seconds and for example the high-quality navigation device is no longer available on your return.

Therefore, we advise Parking Hamburg Airport not to park your vehicle in Norderstedt unguarded. For the parking duration of your trip, it makes sense to book a monitored parking near the airport and to fly relaxed on vacation. With us you have no more worries about what happens to your own left-over vehicle on the roadside.